It Did What? 5 Secrets About Capsule Wardrobes

It Did What? 5 Secrets About Capsule Wardrobes
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Capsule Wardrobes have taken over Pinterest!

I can’t remember where I first heard of capsule wardrobes, but when I searched it on Pinterest, a lot (and I mean a lot) of different pins come up.  They seem to be all pretty much the same thing whether geared towards a certain season of the year or a job description you might have.

It Did What? 5 Secrets About Capsule WardrobesIt’s simple: a clothing inventory checklist.

Smart, right?  I know!  It’s like DUH???

People in the food industry have been doing these types of lists for their pantries for years so why wouldn’t you do it for your wardrobe as well?

Imitation is the purest form of flattery.

Today’s picture prompt is:

Borrow someone’s photography style and try to take a picture in the same way as homage.

Since I’m not the best photographer in the world and I’m probably not patient enough to research a photography style, I do know about paying homage and how better to show this than to imitate a capsule wardrobe that I found on Pinterest.


capsule wardrobe for mom

Love this picture?  It has a complete wardrobe on one page!   Without doing anything more research it’s the perfect inspiration checklist for a complete Spring Capsule Wardrobe!

How did I use this?  I actually printed this out, in color, and brought it into my closet.  As I went through what I had, I crossed off each piece with a sharpie as I organized my closet!  It was a simple thing, but it worked really well.

When I came across something that I needed to add, I circled it.  Simple but it was the perfect way to ready my list to take to the store!

For someone like me who loves to wear my casual clothes, this is fool-proof!

My Closet:

2016-05-18 13.29.29

Great picture, right?  90% of this closet is crochet supplies!  Maybe that’s why my wardrobe is so lacking! I seriously need to return my closet to being there for clothes and not crafts!

What I expect a capsule wardrobe will do for me:

With fewer items to choose from, but ones that go with anything else in the closet, I have most of my wardrobe dilemmas taken out of my morning routine.

If it all fits together then there really is nothing for me to do but to choose a top and a bottom and some shoes and I’d look like I spent hours planning the outfits!

Spending fewer dollars on your wardrobe is always a bonus!

I know that my tank top needs replacing and I need a new pair of jeans, when I walk into a store, I’m focused on what I need and not what I want to buy!  How many times have you bought doubles of things?  I mean who really needs 10 pairs of jeans?

Feeling more organized when it comes to my closet will reduce my stress levels.

With one less thing to worry about I can spend my time worrying about other more important things!  Weekday mornings I have to dress the kids and myself and well without having to worry about me I can worry about the kids instead!

Keep those laundry piles to a minimum.

Let’s face it…I have so many clothes in my house I’ll do a load of laundry and leave the clothes in a hamper after they’ve dried and then of course I can’t remember if they are clean or dirty so I have to rewash the load!

Cut electricity costs.

Strange one I know, but with fewer clothes hanging around, there is fewer loads of laundry to do!  I swear I just mentioned this the other day to my husband that our electricity bill is probably 75% laundry costs!

As you can see there are a lot of great bonuses about having a capsule wardrobe.  The only sad thing about this type of thing as that all these great benefits are secrets to most people.  I hope that my blog post has shed a little light on why you should be more organized with your fashion and your shopping.

Have you thought about putting together a capsule wardrobe?  What’s stopping you?

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