Sorting It Out: Personal Development For Moms

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As a mom you might not exactly know what personal development is, but you’ve probably seen TV infomercials, Facebook posts or ads online about personal development.  Let me assure you from one mom to the world.  Personal development is not just for salespeople or CEOs.  If you’ve ever been curious about PD, as they call it, here are a few tips on where to start that is perfect for every mom out there…


Step one: Admit aloud that you don’t know it all.

I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.

Hey, isn’t that great?  I actually remembered something from before I had kids.  Who knew I actually still had long term memory, since my short term memory is crap these days.

Did you admit it aloud yet?  I know it’s only been a few moments, but believe me, when you do it you’ll feel free.

There is something about admitting to yourself that you don’t know it all that can lift an elephant sized weight off your shoulders.

If you haven’t done it yet.  Do it now.

How do you feel?  Better, right?

With the audience of little eyes and hubby watching, I don’t know about you, but I feel this constant, unsaid pressure on me.  You’d think that with all your experience being an adult before the I do’s and the labor and delivery that you’d have some sort of clue on how the world works.  In reality, it’s in those moments that I personally realized that I knew nothing of the world despite the instant assumption that I was supposed to know what to do in every given moment.

I’d be careful admitting this to your kids since it might weaken your “because I told you so” defense, but you get the idea, making it clear that you need to learn more allows you to actually start that journey.

Step Two: Open yourself to learn.

Elvis had TCB [Taking Care of Business] which I interpreted as a reminder to everyone around him to keep their “eyes on the prize”. As a mom and just as a human being, my prize is knowledge. Some of this is due to nature and some to nurture since both my parents are very academic in their professional and personal lives.

Since not everyone comes from the same background let’s ignore the nature and focus on the nurture. I preach to others to live an ABC [Always Be Curious] lifestyle.

What does this mean?

Step Three: Question everything!

My mother in law says that I’d be the best phone-a-friend on the planet. I know this is because I live an ABC lifestyle. I swear 90% of what I’ve learned about the world comes not from material that is presented to me but due to my curious nature.

Here are examples of how my daily little curiosities have lead to great discoveries and discussions:

  • I hear a word on tv and don’t know what it means so I look it up. On the way to finding it I discover a new book on an amazon ad and read it and learn a books worth of new information without even “trying”.
  • There’s a road I’ve never driven on so I decide to turn down it. In the process of my exploring the new road I’ve found a short cut across town that will save me 20 minutes when traffic at a certain street light is backed up!
  • There’s a food I haven’t tried in years so I try it. Brussels Sprouts. The mere word strikes fear into a lot of people’s minds but this recipe happened to cook them in a new way and I found out I like them!!!!
  • I start a new blog post and I need more information so I google it. Google lead me to the quote above from Socrates and a lot of other information I needed for this post!

With just four examples I’ve leapfrogged my exploration of the world into eight different directions solely because I took a chance and asked a question and searched for an answer.

Once you’ve started to live an ABC lifestyle in regards to the external world around you the only other place to go is inside where the majority of personal development comes into play.

Step Four: Prepare for Change

Next things next: Ask yourself; Am I prepared to change? Preparation to change is extremely important in the personal development process. If there is discovery without change, the discovery in itself is a little bit of a waste of time.

If you aren’t willing to even admit you might not be perfect you already know where to start with your personal development.

Step Five: Explore your motivation

  • Am I’m inspired to work on myself to be the best version of me that I can be?
  • Am I hitting road blocks in my life and am I’m desperate to see how I can fix it

Either way you’ll have answers as to what you want to explore and learn more about.

Despite previous inspirational reasons, this time for me it’s roadblocks.

When you look up “self-motivated” in the dictionary, sometimes you’ll find me and sometimes you won’t and there in lies the problem.  I’m either hot or cold but not really warm about anything that I do.

As a prepping time to begin the new year on a good foot, I plan to spend the next week focusing on my roadblocks and seeing how I can become a more consistently motivated person. I’m sure my family and the overall state of my household will thank me.

Still not sure what Personal Development is?  It’s really just bettering yourself.  Most people think of it as internal change, but it can be physical as well.  No matter what it is you’re doing, keep trying to make yourself better.  Your kids and hubby will thank you!

What’s one question about yourself you want answers about? I’m curious if we might have the same questions.

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  1. My mom is great at step 3. She went to beauty school, not college, so some questioned her intelligence when she and my dad decided to homeschool me starting at grade 3. But she is so smart! She does just what you mentioned. She reads all the time. She researches what she doesn’t know. She even once asked some girl near us at a fair event why she had all the piercings she did (honestly, not judging), did it hurt, etc. Then thanked the girl for answering. My mom really questions everything she does not know. I really hope I can be like that as I “grow up” so my daughters have that desire as well.

  2. I love the concept about questioning and learning and being open to new ideas. As a teacher I have struggled with older teachers who are never open to learning and developing new ways and mistakenly believe they know it all.

    • My daughter’s 1st grade teacher has been teaching for longer than I’ve been alive so I kind of assume she knows what she’s doing, not only due to the number of years she’s been there, but because with that many classes of students in front of her she’s probably run up against any and every type of student. From what I can tell she’s adapted to new forms of teaching, although her classroom runs differently than the other 1st grade classrooms, but I could see how frustrating it might be for someone who runs up against an “old school” teacher who wasn’t adapting.

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