Personal Development

personal development
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personal development

Recently I set a goal for myself to read 10 blog posts a day and comment on them.  From the moment I started this habit I realized that I had so much more information than I could possibly ever have time to write about.  Instead of trying to share all of that in little bits and pieces, What’s Up? Wednesday is going to be a weekly series of posts highlighting either:

  • blog posts or news that I’ve read this week
  • podcasts that have caught my attention this week
  • something that I’ve watched on Netflix or “regular” TV

I’ll try to keep it within my theme of the week, but if something comes across the page or past my ears that I need to share then I’ll be sure to put it out there to everyone.

VOLUME 002 – Personal Development


Optimal Living Daily Podcast is a great personal development podcast from Justin Malik.  The style of this podcast is unique because he reads great inspirational blog posts on different personal development topics.  He’s been doing it for a long time so even if you don’t want to listen daily, he’s probably covered whatever you’re looking for over the last few months.

This past Monday I listened to his post 332: Simplicity is Not a Destination by Courtney Carver of Be More With Less (Chasing Excellence & Happiness is a Marathon).  Most of what he read from Courtney was things I’d already heard before, but it was a great reminder to be mindful of the journey and not the destination.


The Psychology of Self-Motivation

Truthfully I wanted to write a longer post about this great TED Talk about self motivation, but I kept coming up against writer’s block so I decided just to write a few little things about it.

Self Motivation, as I’ve written earlier this week, is something I’m working on right now.  There are a lot of takeaways from this talk:

  • Question number one: Can you do it?

  • Second question: Will it work?

  • Third question: Is it worth it?

How do you inspire people to feel competent?

  • When you give them feedback.
  • You give them recognition.
  • You show them they are competent.

How do we get people to become success seekers rather than failure avoiders?

This one really caught my attention.  I think when it comes to dealing with my husband I’m more of a consequence avoider than a success seeker and from what Scott says that’s not the best place to start my self-motivation.  It makes sense.  If I really was setting out to do the best job I could do because I wanted that for myself I probably wouldn’t run into as many roadblocks when it comes to the items that my husband asks me to do.  I can spend hours on an event that is something that I really am invested in, but when it comes to something hubby wants I instantly hit a brick wall because it’s not my expectations I’m trying to meet, but someone else’s!

Netflix is my nighttime entertainment and I watched a few weeks ago the movie I’m Not Your Guru Tony Robbins.  It is a great behind the scenes look at the motivational speaker Tony Robbins.  If you really want a great shot of motivation and positive energy check this one out.  You’ll come away learning something about him or about yourself in the end.

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