What’s the meaning?

What's the meaning?
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Welcome to What’s Up? Wednesday!

Christmas can’t get here soon enough.  Bootsie’s BIG present arrived Monday and Boogie was home when it came.  Let’s all cross our fingers he doesn’t tell the secret!!! He’s four…so it’s a 50-50 shot!

What's the meaning?

If you haven’t seen one of my previous posts, What’s Up? Wednesday is a weekly series of posts highlighting either:

  • blog posts or news that I’ve read this week
  • something that I’ve watched on Netflix or “regular” TV
  • a podcast worth checking out.

Volume 006: Whats the meaning?


Stop Lying To Your Kids About Santa – Forgive me, but are people THAT fragile that they are blaming “The Santa Lie” for their issues? It may be something that kids have a let down moment with, but really? If this Santa issue is really something that affects you too much then maybe mom and dad were too obsessed with it!


Man In The High Castle – This show makes me a little uncomfortable, but the premise is really interesting.  What would the world be like if the Nazi’s hadn’t been defeated and the Japanese had moved east from Hawaii onto into the Continental US.  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.  I really makes you thankful for what you have now.

Vikings – Am I the only mommy watching this show? I know it’s a little more adult, but at night, after the kids are asleep and the headphones are on, I zone out on some kind of Netflix or amazon prime show.


Happier With Gretchen Rubin’s How to find quiet time during the holidays.  It’s important to get away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and keep your sanity!

Optimal Living – Episode 355: 7 Critical Truths We Forget All Too Soon by Angel Chernoff of Marc & Angel Hack Life (Get Rid of the Overwhelmed Brain)

Quote: So much happens in our lives every day that we often forget what we have learned. In effect, the only thing faster than the speed of our thoughts is the speed of our forgetfulness.

What are you paying attention to this week?  Anything good?  Let me know!

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    • Its definitely not a kids movie, but it’s really interesting for a history buff like me to watch. The second season I think is coming out within the next week or so but season 1 is already up and ready to watch.

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