Where To Go When Gift Giving Sends You Running for Cover

where to go when gift giving sends you running for cover
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That’s the thing that comes to mind when I think of gift giving.

I sincerely believe that there are two types of people when it comes to gift giving.  There are the genetically blessed people who’s minds immediately can pick out the perfect something for the perfect someone in their life and then there is me.  Total disaster the moment I have to look for a gift.  I say that this is genetic because I’ve followed gift giving “rules” before and I still seem to make horrible mistakes when I go out there and shop for friends and family.

I don’t mean to be a defeatist on this subject, but I really am awful at gift giving.  Good news is that I want to change that and I think that I’ve found a place online that can help me apply my word of the year #quality to this task that is forever on my to do list.

How to combat the fear of gift giving in two easy steps:

  • Step one:  I’m starting early this year on getting gifts for people.
  • Step two: Focus on one person at at time when looking for gifts.

With those two steps figured out, I’m currently in the process of shopping for a great gift for my mother’s birthday in April.  The question then comes up:

Where to go when gift giving sends you running for cover?

where to go when gift giving sends you running for cover

Admittedly Diapers.com is probably not the first place I’d think to head when gift giving sends me running for cover.  Actually when I was contacted by Diapers.com to check out there site and use it for this post, I told the person who contacted me that I almost immediately wrote back that I have two potty-trained kids.  I figured with a name like diapers.com, I couldn’t appropriately recommend their products for other mothers and fathers at this time.

Keeping in mind that I want to focus on #quality this year when it comes to my blog, I knew I needed to do some research.  If someone from diapers.com was contacting me they probably had checked out my blog.  I put both Boogie and Bootsie all over the place and speak about their preschool and elementary school experiences, there must be a method to the person’s madness.

After a few clicks, I did my research and you know what I found?

There’s so much more than just diapers on diapers.com.

Much of the site is centered around items one would expect to see on a site called diapers.com.  They work with companies like Huggies, Pampers, Enfamil, and Similiac.  I was however pleasantly surprised that diapers.com also sells clothes and shoes for mom and baby as well as gear, feeding accessories, diapering essentials, skin care, and more.  They also sell products from Kate Spade, KitchenAid and Philosophy to name a few.

Since my aim is to look for my mother’s birthday present, I scrolled around until I found items for mommy.  At the bottom of the front page I found a few great shopping guides:

What I found searching for a birthday present for mom on the Gifts for Mom guide:

  • It’s the time of year for buying new planners and the Rifle Paper Co. Floral Planner is a great one. The one listed is a 17 month planner with weekly & monthly calendar pages.  It has sections for celebrations, notes, and important contacts. It’s spiral-bound, includes gold foil details.
  • Burt’s Bees Healthy Hand Repair Kit is a little bit of a small gift but Mom always has lotion on hand.  I’m sure she wouldn’t turn her nose up at the kit.
  • The Indian Summer Regal Medium Tote (Women) is also on the list.  While Mom always carries a purse, she also might be able to use a tote to carry around items she needs for her volunteer projects she works on.
  • I got a little distracted when I saw multiple listings for Hunter Rain Boots.  The short boot comes in 4 different colors and many sizes.  This would be a great gift for a mom but not my mom who lives in Hawaii,  they’d work for the rain but would probably be too hot to wear.

While I still have a few more weeks until I’ll need to really nail down a present to give her, Diapers.com definitely has given me some great ideas as what to buy.

A bonus about shopping on diapers.com:

  • fast, free shipping on orders $49 and above
  • free 365-day returns
  • customer care

I’m so glad that I checked this site out and got to see that there’s so much more than diapers on diapers.com. I hope this blog post helps you find a great place to purchase something for your mom this year.  Valentine’s Day is coming quickly and Mother’s Day won’t be too far behind it.

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  1. Great review and information! This is good to remember the next time I’m invited to a Baby Shower. I’m sure a new mom would love something from this site. Thanks for sharing at Together on Tuesdays 🙂

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