New to Slow Cooking?  Here’s Recipes You Need to Know

New to Slow Cooking?  Here's Recipes You Need to Know
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I know many of you are going to have your eyes glued to the screen watching the newest president being sworn.  Happy Inauguration Day!  This is not a political post though.  Whether you’re in favor of the new guy or not, let this post help you make the rest of your day go smoothly.  This post will make the age old question “what’s for dinner?” something you don’t have to worry about.

What magic can you weave today to make that happen?

Two words for you:

Slow.  Cooking.

New to Slow Cooking?  Here's Recipes You Need to Know

Slow cookers are one of the best cooking inventions on the earth.  Forms of slow cooking have been around for years, probably longer than you’d imagine.  The modern-day appliance that we know as crock-pot, with a base that plugs in and has a class top on it, was brought to the public in the 1970’s.  Not surprisingly, it has stayed apart of our cooking culture ever since.

So what is a slow cooker?

You know how you call a strip that goes over a wound a band-aid even though many versions of that item aren’t really the Band-Aid brand?  Same thing with slow cooking.  Most people call their slow cookers a crock-pot even if the brand might be another company’s version of it.

According to CNET Magazine, an inventor by the name of Irving Naxon applied for a patent for a food heating device in 1936. His device consisted of an insert, held up by a case that held a heating device, which facilitated even heating of food inside the insert. The device was also portable.

Today they look usually something like this:

Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S 6-Quart
Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker,
Digital Timer,
Stainless Steel

Are you new to slow cooking?

Don’t worry.  Slow cooking is pretty much a fool proof way to cook a variety of meals.  Ready to learn how to slow cook?  Get a pen and paper. No wait. Don’t run away.  I’m kidding.

Literally, the secret to slow cooking with a crock pot is that it’s so simple.  You dump everything into the machine then let it cook.  Magic, right?  You don’t really have to worry about much more!

We’ll get to the recipes in a minute.  Let me tell you a few things about slow cooking first, in case you’re still on the fence about this voodoo that I call cooking.

Hands down, the best part of slow cooking is the smell.  I’m sure that someone out there might object to their house smelling like a cooking meal all day.  I don’t happen to know those people, but I bet there is someone reading this thinking of it.  I get it, you like a fruity smell or a woodsy smell.  You don’t want to cheat on your Scentsy person.  I get it.  For me the worries of that fade away the moment the smell of a cooking pot roast or soup simmering hits the second floor of our house.  I associate cooking food with a house being homey.

So what if this is already something that you know?  What are you reading ahead for?  If you’ve mastered the art of slow cooking and use your crock-pot regularly, you too can benefit from this recipes you need to know post.  No where in the world does it say that we can’t all use some good recipes.  There are a million of them out there, but how many of them do you actually trust and like enough to pass onto a friend?

Here are my #fridayfive list of recipes you need to know:

Each one of the listed recipes covers a different type of meal.  With the base of these recipes, I’m sure you can feed your family with delicious food that you didn’t spend the entire day working on!

  1.  To Die For Pot Roast – Everyone needs a pot roast recipe.  I swear when you get married they should hand you a marriage licence and a pot roast recipe!  I’ve done versions of this but the basics remain:  Meat.  Veggies.  Seasonings.  A great leftover meal from this, if you happen to have them is having sandwiches the next day.  Hubby isn’t the biggest fan of leftovers, but he loves a good pot roast sandwich!
  2. Crock Pot Million Dollar Spaghetti  – I actually haven’t tried the slow cooker version of this recipe, but the regular oven one is so amazing that I figure it can only get better by taking all the work out of making it.
  3. Easy 5 Ingredient Chicken & Dumplings – Any recipe that has 5 ingredients or less and that I can dump and forget is great in my book.  I tend to think of this classic meal as being perfect for a cold winter day!
  4. Crock Pot French Toast  – This might not normally be the way you’d make French Toast, but the bonus of this recipe is that you you can make a whole batch all at once!  Think about this luxury in your busy life…you won’t have to be cooking your meal while you’re family is already eating.  Why wouldn’t you make it?!
  5. Cake Mix Apple Cobbler in the CrockPot Easy – Cake at our house, no matter how it’s cooked never stays around long.  In a crock-pot? Sure!  Why not?  Try it today…you’ll be surprised at how good it is!

Bonus Recipe:

  • Onion Soup – I’m a sucker for a good soup.  Our local sandwich shop is going to get a run for it’s money with this recipe in my recipe box!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Be careful with the timing of your crock pot recipes.  Even if the recipe says to cook it on high, I normally put it on the low setting for the shorter amount of time and check on it.  Usually it’s cooked when I come back a few hours later and if not I turn it to the higher setting and let it cook a little bit longer.
  • Be aware of how much extra liquid you add to your recipe.  A little goes a long way, but if you don’t add enough the liquid will evaporate and the items in your recipe will end up dry.

I hope that you love these recipes and the few tips I provided.  Do you have favorite recipe?  If you have any other recipes that should be on my Slow Cooking Bucket List link them up in the comments section or add them to one of the #fandayfriday link parties for everyone to try!



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  1. This is the perfect article for me! I was just talking to my husband about wanting to buy a nice crock-pot to start slow cooking meals. Your tips and tricks are great and should get me started off on slow-cooking journey well. All of your yummy recipes sounds absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for posting!

    • It’s amazing how many times we use our crock pot. It sounds so “old lady” to want to use the crock pot, but really it’s so convenient that how can you pass up such a great cooking tool!

  2. Wow! These are great recipes! I really like that pot roast recipe, it is really hard to find a good one. I really love my slow cooker, and it is a lifesaver in so many ways!

  3. I am new to slow cooking. Most of the time my hubby makes the meals since I’m a terrible cook. But a slow cooker looks so easy. I just hate the wait. The food smells so good hours before it’s done!

    • The smell is the best part for me! I love the smell of food cooking especially because I watch Food Network a lot during the day! LOL!

      My hubby does a lot of the cooking too. He doesn’t like my cooking. He says I never season stuff enough, but I think he over-seasons things… I love though that he trusts me enough to put dinner into the crockpot to cook around lunch time and by the time hubby gets home from work I just have to put it on a plate.

      You should try these recipes out on your hubby! Most of them are fool proof from what I’ve seen.

  4. Such a great description of the show cooking process! I want to use it more often since it’s so easy so I keep collecting recipes for it! I had never tried ethnic food in it but tried an Indian recipe last time and it came out great!

  5. The slow cooker is such a saviour to me. I love it. Cooking for such a large family like mine with 9 people, its a huge time saver. These are great!

    • Peas and rice sounds good! 🙂 I used to LOVE my rice cooker. That reminds me. I may have to replace the one I gave up a few year ago. I guess I’ll have to search for a crockpot rice dish next!!!

  6. I love using the slow cooker. I really like it in the summer when it is too hot to turn the oven on. I have a really nice slow cooker that I can use to brown the meat first.

    • I hadn’t even thought of that benefit. Right now because of the cold I’m thinking of soups and warm hearty dishes and forgot how great it is in summer when, like you said, you don’t want to turn on the oven. I’m thinking I might do meatballs for Super Bowl. Have you ever tried a meatball recipe in the Crock Pot?

  7. I enjoy using my slow cooker. I don’t have enough recipes so I look forward to checking some of these out. Not sure about the spaghetti deal but the 5 ingredient chicken and dumplings along with the french toast have my attention.

  8. I love using my slow cooker. Slow cooking is perfect on my schedule especially I don’t have much time to wait around. Slow cooking you just put everything together turn the cooker on and wait until it’s done. Great post.

    • Thanks for the comment. Searching out recipes for this sure has sparked my interest about what else you can cook in a slow cooker and then there is the Instant Pot (pressure cooker) that cooks things in a short amount of time! I may have to write a post on that too this year!

    • I actually wished that we would use it for more “exotic” recipes. It seems like about 80% of the ones I see are just rehashes of the mid-western meat and potatoes that Betty Crocker always encourages people to make.

  9. This should be every dormies newest bestie 🙂 I mean, this cooking ware is a no-brainer but genius. Just put your ingredients together and let it cook and simmer – Viola! You cooked like a chef 🙂

    • I wish that I’d had one in college. It would have saved me so much time and trouble. Now I set it up at lunchtime or first thing in the morning and go about my day and come home at dinner time and dinner is usually about 90% done. With the potroast sometimes I make some mashed potatoes separately so that takes a few minutes, but even that is super fast!

  10. I love my slow cooker. It is one of my favorite ways to cook. I love cooking chicken breasts with ranch seasoning and hot sauce. Easy and perfect for sandwiches! I also like to take any type of meat and add a rub to it. I put some potatoes wrapped in foil underneath and dinner is served!

  11. I so desperately want a slow cooker, but my husband isn’t keen as he doens’t think they’re safe. I’ve assured him they are and know many people with one. Thanks for sharing such yummy recipes, I’ll be sure to try them out once I convince him we should get one!

    • He doesn’t think they are safe? Never heard that before. I’d think they’d take them off the market if they weren’t safe, right? I haven’t heard of anyone burning their house down or anything with a crock pot. Maybe leaving a stove on, but not a crock pot. Try borrowing one from someone and trying it out while you’re home one day and show him it’s safe then maybe you can grab one of your own!

  12. I always forget to bring mine out! Since it’s hidden under the counter in a cabinet, I never think to use it. I should make room for it on my counter and make it a part of my daily routine.

    • That’s the one bad thing about them, they take up a lot of room. Even the small ones take up space. Glad I could encourage you to give it another try. Let me know what you end up making. If you find something not on my list I’m always updating these posts or making “party 2” and would love to feature something you cook!

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