How To Entertain Super Bowl Guests Like A Boss

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How To Entertain Super Bowl Guests Like A Boss

Like A Boss?

Yes.  I know.  It’s kind of an overused term, but did you know Like A Boss came from Saturday Night Live?  I love that show and while I don’t remember the exact skit it was used in, with a quick little google search I came up with this:

The phrase stems from The Lonely Island‘s single “Like A Boss,” a parody of the Slim Thug song of the same name.[1] Featuring Andy Samberg and Seth Rogen, the video premiered on Saturday Night Live as a digital short on April 4th, 2009. In the video, the Boss (Samberg) is asked to go over his daily activities during a performance review by Rogen’s character. While it starts out with daily office tasks, the lyrics evolve into impossible activities. –

Saturday Night Live never fails to entertain…  In keeping with that spirit, this is what “Like A Boss” means in terms of entertaining for your own Super Bowl party:


As much as you want to ignore it, booze is a big part of the Super Bowl.  Each year the alcohol companies vie for your attention by putting together more and more dramatic or comedic commercials to catch your attention.

Big group events call for some kind of punch.  It’s great to have something self serve so you don’t have to spend all your time mixing drinks.  Color it green with food coloring and no matter what alcohol you add to it, you can always say that it’s green like the football field!

You should take that punch motivation and run with it, but booze can get expensive.  One way to combat this expense is to ask people to BYOB!  Make it a game though.  If you wanted to treat this like the kindergarten parties I’ve attended, ask the boys to bring a six pack of their favorite micro-brew and ask the girls to bring their favorite wine to share!  Not only will you save yourself some money, but you also might run across a new drink you haven’t tried before!


Ok, Ok. I had to make the O for the BOSS word so instead of Decorations I said Objects. Lame right?  Sue me!

While the days of themed parties might end in Elementary school, Super Bowl is a great excuse to have fun with your adult friends!  Push back the urge to buy one more Frozen sign or Paw Patrol cup.  Think of not only football themed items, but also items that match whichever team makes it to the big game that year!

If you treat Super Bowl Sunday like a birthday party and decorate accordingly, you’ll definitely up your game so to speak.


As much as I hate to say it, Super Bowl is a great excuse to upgrade your screen size!  If you didn’t get to do it this year, definitely put it on your list for next Black Friday.  While I’m not one to run around on that most special of shopping days, you definitely can get some great deals on TVs before the Christmas holiday!

Looking for a way to save money?  I ran across a great savings plan to work on in 2017!  The 52 week saving plan is great!

Just think, this time next Super Bowl Sunday you’ll be able to show off your new purchase!


One day I’m sure you’ll get tired of me using Pinterest for finding ideas for my blog posts, but in the mean time, use what you got!  Pinterest is a treasure trove of themed snacks.  If you’re wanting to make a great impression there are tons of ideas you can find there.

I saw a great recipe for making football themed deviled eggs.  Great idea right?  If you need a refresher on How to boil the perfect hardboiled egg I wrote a post about that last Easter.

One of my favorite pins was a football shaped brownies!  There is even a great pin about making a football shaped cookie cutter out of an empty tin can!

Find all the great pins from Pinterest here on the Let’s Celebrate The Super Bowl!



How Do Entertain Your Super Bowl Guests Like A Boss?

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