Ways to Rock Valentine’s Day Without Much Effort

Ways to Rock Valentine's Day Without Much Effort
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Valentines Day.  For some it’s the best holiday of the year and for others it’s a time of dread.  Surprisingly enough this does not have to do with a person’s relationship status.  Single, dating, or married, let’s face it, like birthdays or Christmas, this gift-giving time of year can cause stress for some people and not for others.

Ways to Rock Valentine's Day Without Much Effort

Did you know?

Here is a #fridayfive list of Valentines Facts for you to share with friends before you  rock valentine’s day without much effort:

  1. This was the origin of the expression “to wear your heart on your sleeve.” In 1537, England’s King Henry VII officially declared Feb. 14 the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day. – Fun facts about Valentine’s Day – SheKnows
  2. Men account for 73 percent of Valentine’s Day flower sales, however women purchase approximately 85 percent of all valentines. – 10 Valentine’s Day Fun Facts and Trivia – Woman’s Day and Valentine’s Day Facts – Valentine’s Day – HISTORY.com
  3. The State of California produces 60% of American roses, but most roses sold on Valentine’s Day in the U.S. are imported from South America. – Valentine’s Day Trivia – Kidzworld
  4. 15 percent: Percentage of American women who will send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. – Valentine’s Day: Sex, Candy and Spending by the Numbers
  5. Hallmark produced its first valentine in 1913. – Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Valentine’s Day – Wise Bread

How to rock valentine’s day without much effort

To keep this year as stress free as possible, here are my #fridayfive ways to rock valentine’s day without much effort.

Text messages for your spouse

I ran across this idea a few weeks ago on Pinterest.  There are sexy lists of these and spiritual lists of these.  You can choose which direction you want to go.  It’s definitely something that doesn’t take much time to do and will definitely be something that will surprise your spouse.

Bake a cake

I know it sounds like something that might cause you a little trouble, but have you heard of dump cakes?  If you haven’t heard of them they are exactly that it says.  You take some ingredients and dump them into a pan and cook them.  How easy as that?  It doesn’t have to be fancy and I know my husband always likes a good sweet treat and made at home is even better than store bought.

If you do actually have a few baking skills here and want to make something special for your loved one, here is an easy heart shaped cake you can make with just a few minutes of work after your cake is finished baking.


Make a special breakfast

As much as it is cliche to say it, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but you don’t have to prepare a complicated meal.  Instead here is a great Crock-Pot meal you can make for the whole family: Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Casserole:

Date night

Arrange a date night.  While we have help here in town to baby sit the kids now, some people don’t have that option.  Don’t worry, there are options for care for your kids that don’t involve a babysitter.  Bootsie’s karate dojo has a night out event that they do where you drop your kids off and they babysit the kids for you.  They did one for Christmas shopping and one for valentines day.  They don’t do karate, but they arrange for a pizza and movies and games for the kids.  I have heard of bouncy house places doing this as well!  It’s definitely an easy thing to arrange for your kids and tends not to be that expensive.

Once the kids are covered go and enjoy a meal at your favorite place, even if it’s just drive thru.  Kid-less meals are like mini vacations for some parents.

Ever heard of Netflix and chill?  This is the perfect time for it since a lot of people go out for Valentines Day.  Plan ahead, get something great to eat and pick a movie and snuggle up and watch it without the kids.

Give A Killer Massage

I know that it’s pretty common for my women friends to go and book massages, but for some reason this seems out of the ordinary for my husband to do.  A great solution?  Learn how to give a massage.

I hope that these five ideas will help you boost up your valentine’s day reputation and also help you rock Valentine’s Day without much effort!

How are you celebrating this year?

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  1. This looks like a one-way ticket to a stress-free Valentines day! Find it amazing that so many women send themselves a bunch of flowers though. I only like flowers that are alive in their pot still, I find the gesture of cut flowers a bit bizarre, being given something that’s about to die in 2 or 3 days! The massage idea looks great, would be better if we both learned to massage!

    • I know! It’s funny! I used to want to send myself those edible arrangements of fruit and chocolates only because they looked so yummy. The dying flowers thing was kinda crazy. I didn’t include it but one site I saw the different color meanings…so like if you give your love yellow flowers it means friendship….some people might be offended by it! LOL!

    • Sushi is our splurge for special days like this. It’s a little on the expensive side so we try not to go unless its 1) without the kids since they won’t eat it anyway and 2) a special occasion since we usually don’t go on holidays without the kids.

      I like the idea of just chilling at home. Our family is in the middle of a bad cold and that sounds just as good as going out.

  2. We’re definitely doing the bake a cake & give each other a foot rub kind of Valentine’s Day. Although I do have to admit that’s about every weekend in our house ahah x

    • I’ve been with Hubby now for 10 years (7 married and 3 dating) so it’s been a while since I’v been “single”. I used to stress out about the holiday a lot when I was single, but now I stress out for different reasons since I’m a horrible gift giver! LOL! I really wrote this because I was in search of things to do for my husband that wouldn’t stress me out! 🙂

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