MMLQ Podcast Show Notes 001 – Benefits of Journaling

Benefits of Journaling
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Benefits of Journaling

#001 Benefits of Journaling

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my very first podcast of 2017 and my very first podcast ever!

While many of you have seen my mommy blog I Am Zoe Watson Dot Com, this podcast is a little bit different. Here I’m going to cover just personal development topics.

I am Patty Gordon and this is the Mommy’s Mid-Life Quest Podcast

To start this whole ball rolling, I want to talk about the Benefits of Journaling.

Journaling is not just a hobby anymore. Of course there is great joy that comes from writing things down in a journal, but there are also real benefits that can come from what doctors call “writing therapy”.

Medical professionals have seen: mental health benefits, physical health benefits, And that it can help with memory issues.

An article in Psychology Today is quoted as saying that “those who write out their thoughts and emotions have less stress and better health than those who don’t.”

It’s actually one of the messages that Oprah tried to get across to her viewers when she made gratitude journals such a big part of her daily routine.

On the basic level, it’s been shown that people who track these types of events will have a optimistic outlook on life.

A famous researcher in this area from University of Texas at Austin James Pennebaker believes that writing about stressful events helps you come to terms with them, reducing the impact of these stressors on your physical health.

The surprise? It actually has been shown at a cellular level! Think about that. The smallest part of you can be effected by writing something down!

Other physical things that have been seen to be affected are reduced blood pressure, improved lung, function, improved liver function, and it actually has reduced the number of days in the hospital for patients.

If you’re just joining my name is Patty Gordon from I Am Zoe Watson and this is the Mommy’s Mid-Life Quest Podcast.

Today I’m talking about the Benefits of Journaling.

There was a study done in college classes that shows students who used longhand remembered more and had a deeper understanding of the material.

Memory people. Writing directly affects your memory!

While this discovery is great for college students this gives everyone else some hope.

Sounds simple, right?

I tend to believe that if we wrote things down more we’d remember them. I see this most in the way that I remember phone numbers.

These days I only remember my hubby’s phone number and my own phone number. I have to believe that this is because these are the numbers I write down most.

Notice how I said write down, not dial? Yeah, writing them down must be how I remember them because I dial other phone numbers all the time but I don’t write them.

If you asked me my mother’s phone number right now I swear I can tell you the area code, but that’s about it!

So if this was a commercial for journaling, the small print would say: the side effects of journaling might actually be good.

When does that ever happen?

I’ll have improved, mental health, physical health, and I’ll probably having fewer memory issues than a person who doesn’t journal.

Sounds like a good deal to me! Sign me up today!

I guess that’s all from me today. Again my name is Patty Gordon from I Am Zoe Watson this is the Mommy’s Mid-Life Quest Podcast.

Today’s topic was Benefits of Journaling.

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Thanks for checking out the podcast and see you next time!


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  1. I have read a couple of articles how writing can be so beneficial to us! I think the article I read was talking about taking notes by writing instead of on a tablet or phone—and how people remembered it so much better!! Just like you stated!!
    That makes me happy because I still love my pen and paper—at least for notes and such! But I bet if I would journal everyday, I’d get better at it!!
    jodie recently posted…How Silly to Wear Jeans with your T-Shirt DressMy Profile

    • I’m so torn. I love paper and pen but I love the ability to edit with a computer. Actually my whole writing style has changed due to the ability to edit! I bet my writing would be more deliberate if I only had one chance to do it.

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