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Mom Life
Becoming a mom changes everything about a woman’s life.  Whether she is a stay at home mom or a working mom, her life is turned into a +one situation even above and beyond her wifely duties, she is the guardian of another life.  The roller coaster of a typical day, the antics of her children, and the interactions with other parents and her husband that fill her day will astound the average person.

mom•life {n.}: A lifestyle that consists of being a permanent member of #teamnosleep. 24/7/365 career with no paid vacations or sick days, and yoga pants as the uniform. An environment of messy hair, tantrums, and boogies. Success is fueled by caffeine, hugs, kisses, and cuddles. Way of life that  embraces all things chaos. Where a shower is the highest form of victory. The acceptance of a stressed but blessed mentality. —


Reachable Goals for a Happy New Year

New Year. New Format.

Last year my blog format was in transition.  Writing consistently helped me see just how disorganized I was by about the 4th month.  In November and December, I made a point to work on how I wanted my blog to look as I went along.

Goal one of this year as far as blogging goes is this:

Stay away from throw-away posts!

Since this is the first Monday of 2017, this week’s theme is starting the year off right. In this first post I’m going to set out some goals for the year.

Reachable Goals For A Happy New Year

Everyone is big on jumping on the bandwagon of starting the year off with goals.  I might show my age a little too much by saying it, but in my head I hear Oprah repeating:

You get a New Years Resolution!

If you listen hard enough you hear it to I’m sure.

So what’s different about this year?

One word:

Reachable?  Yes!

The key this year (and every year from now on) is to pick reachable goals. By starting at a confident position in January you set yourself up now to check off everything from the list for the year by December!

Keeping with the focus topics of my blog mom life, educating the littles and product reviews here are my goals for 2017:

MomLife Goals

A friend of mine spent 2016 focused on #faith, #family and #fun and I found it such a great concept that I went in search of how I could find my own word to focus on for 2017. I came across the article Three Easy Steps To Find Your One Word from The SITS Girls about how to pick a word to focus on in the new year. It’s for 2016, but I think it’s a universal process, one that I’ve tried and came up with the word:

“Hashtag quality! as my husband would joke.  He’s just discovered Instagram and loves to overuse hashtags.

So why quality?

In the past I’ve done an ok job:

  • juggling my blog
  • my mommy duties
  • wife duties

My goal this year I want to approach these things and put more time and consideration into them aka quality over quantity.

What’s word you can think of that you might want to focus on this year?

Educating The Littles Goals

While I guess that these are really goals for the kids to be making, I’m taking the liberty of “encouraging” the following behaviors for each of the kids.

  • This year I want Boogie to learn the ABC’s. He turned four in November 2016 and he’s still got another year of school before starting at the public school, but it never hurts to encourage him to learn. Preschool has been working on the alphabet and next year he’ll start to learn to write more than just recognize the letters,but by the time he starts school again in August I want him to confidently know all the letters at least by sight.
  • We’ve had a few hurdles to jump over, and Bootsie already is reading a lot with her first grade teacher, but I think that putting out a goal of her reading 104 (2 books a week) in 2017 is a reachable goal.

What goals do you have when thinking of education for your kids or for yourself?

Product Review Goals

2016 was the year of the random product review posts.

In 2017 I have a plan to do 24 quality product reviews. I even have a name for it.


I won’t totally abandon showing my opinions of things during the year, but these 24 posts will be specific reviews for products. Two a month seems like a reachable goal. If more come along that’ll be great, but at least 24 seems about the right amount so that I can make them quality posts instead of throw-away ones.

Got a product you want me to review? Tell me about it!

Considering the above category and goals, I think that all of these are reasonable reachable goals. I hope that this post is starting my year of #quality off right. Can’t wait to see you all online in 2017!

What are your goals for 2017? Let me know!

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New Year’s Eve Party Prep – Napping 101

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and even before your feet hit the ground you’re already thinking about when you can take a nap that day?  As a mom of two little busy bodies, I tend to think this most days.  While some days I actually follow through with my plans, there is no other in the year that I can think of needing a nap more than today, the 31st of December.

In preparation for tonight’s festivities, I’m planning to try to take a nap.  Maybe because I’m 40 now, or maybe because of the aforementioned job duties that come along with kids, but nothing sounds better than a good nap on a comfy mattress. So if you’re in need for some quiet time, check out Casper’s Napping 101 cheat sheet.  It covers:

  • The Science
  • The Types
  • Tips For The Ultimate Nap

Are you planning to nap today to get ready for tonight?  Where is your favorite place to nap?

Happy 7 Year Anniversary!


Happy anniversary to me!

Seven years ago, on December 30th 2009, Hubby and I got married at the court house.

Truthfully growing up I was like any little girl, pretending to be in weddings, but in my older years I only attended one wedding before my own and that was my “big sister” Kristin who got married to her husband. Originally she was supposed to marry a guy she dated in college who was like a brother to me. Things changed so I missed the opportunity to be in THAT wedding since it never happened, so being invited to her wedding in high school was a pretty good consolation prize. Does that sound strange to call it that? That’s what it felt like at the time.

Anyway, in December 2009, Hubby and I and a few relatives made it to the court house and got married. I remember my dad said we should do it before the end of the year for tax reasons, but the bigger issue was that I was out of work at the time and needed health insurance, since (no secret), I was pregnant with Bootsie.

My wedding day might not have been the fairy tale type thing that little girls dream of, blue dress and sweater, dinner at El Toritio, no dad there to give me away, but it wasn’t about THE BIG DAY, it was about the rest of our lives together.

Now I won’t sugarcoat it and say it’s all been perfect. There have been crazy events in the last seven years, like with any relationship. As much as I think that I know my husband, I find every day that I misjudge him and he misjudges me, but somehow that’s not a bad thing. If we figured each other out instantly we’d have nothing to talk about the rest of our lives.

Recently though I’ve realized that Hubby really loves what’s going on with us and knows that while it isn’t perfect, it’s something we both want to cherish. Deep down I knew he felt that way but to hear the words definitely makes me love him more.

On the far side of all that drama and stuff for lack of a better word is a Hubby who loves me and two great kids. The rest of the world around us might not understand it and we might not understand the rest of the world, but our little crew is pretty cool if you ask me!

So, on this anniversary day, here is to the first 7 years and I hope there are about 53 or so more years to go!

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#TBT – Top Posts of 2016

In the back of my mind I’ve had a list of popular posts that have been published this year.  When I checked the numbers though, I was actually a little surprised by a few of these.  I took the liberty of excluding the #FanDayFriday Link Party posts since those bring in more traffic due to other people advertising for their own posts on the party.

So here are the top 5 posts of the year so far…

Top Posts of 2016

Have no fear! The Quintessential Bible App Is Here!

Have no fear! – The Quintessential Bible App is here! I’m not a practicing Catholic or Christian, but I do like to know what everyone else is talking about…

The real reason dishes aren’t done (today) – why the dishes aren’t done (today)

Just Read It: 5 Initiatives Keeping Public Schools Vital
Just read it: 27 Weirdly Hilarious Things Sleep-Deprived Moms Have Done – Sleep when you’re dead… I recently ran across an article about sleep deprived moms and thought that it was something people should read.  The term…
product review
Product Review: Lily’s Gift USB Ultrasonic Mute Humidifier Diffuser… – Full Item Name: Lily’s Gift USB Ultrasonic Mute Humidifier Diffuser Air Purifier Mist Maker Listed Price (at time of review): $9.99 I received this item…
 Best Damn Green Bean Casserole – Before I met my husband I always had the notion that green bean casserole was just for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was the standard Campbell mushroom…

Are any of these your favorites?


Weekly Theme: Year End Round Up

Year End Round Up

This week may start to sound a little repetitive so please forgive me if you hear the same end of the year messages a few times this week.  I promise next year I’ll have this whole year end stuff down to a science.

I’m going to wrap up the year end by giving you the best of I Am Zoe Watson.  There will be lists of great things that have happened this year and hopefully keep the momentum going into 2017.  I’m so excited to bring you even more next year and I hope you can come along for the ride so that this time next year we can both still be here!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Weekly Theme: All Things Christmas


The countdown is on!

Next Sunday is the big day and I’m already over it!  I love Elf on the Shelf but I’m ready to not have to stress out about it and this whole keeping Santa lie going is really a lot of work when you have extremely curious kids!  I’ve had to switch up the plans for Santa twice already (remember my issues from What’s Up? Wednesday – Volume 006 when Bootsie’s present came when Boogie was home?) and if my sneaky little ones mess up this plan I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I need to review Happier With Gretchen Rubin’s How to find quiet time during the holidays.  I’m feeling very overwhelmed at the thought of our plans in the next two weeks.  Some I’m really looking forward to, like reconnecting with some kids Boogie and Bootsie have both been in classes with.  I’m looking forward to Hubby being home for a week of vacation time so he can really see what’s going on around here while he’s away at work.

What I’m not fully cheering for is the fact that Saturday night we are going to a party and then Sunday day we are going to another party.  I’ll see people there that I haven’t seen in a while and it’ll be good to catch up, but I’m definitely not comfortable in a party atmosphere these days.  It’s like sensory overload or something.  I don’t know if it’s because I can’t hear (read about those issues in #RepeatThatAgain) or if I’m just not a big drinker despite my best attempts at being one (4 reasons why my mom survival kit doesn’t include alcohol.).

This week is more about all things Christmas, that last little bit that I can handle before I tuck everything away until December 2017.  What are your traditions for the holidays?  Are you excited to have it all coming to an end or are you wishing it would stay around just a little bit longer?

40 Things To Do Before You’re 40

Today is my birthday.  I’m turning 40.  It hasn’t really been an issue for me like I’ve heard that it’s been for some people.  Actually the only time I think about it for more than a second is when I write or say that I’m turning 40, but I’m lucky enough to think like I’m still in my 20’s.

Below is a list of things that I’ve done before I’m 40 and thought it would be good inspiration for many of you who haven’t hit the milestone before.  Enjoy it!
40 Things To Do Before You're 40


  1. Move at least 1,000 miles away from where you grew up.
  2. Get tickets to a concert the day of the show and enjoy whatever seat you get.
  3. Train for a long distance race.
  4. Ride a roller coaster.
  5. Read The Compound Effect.
  6. Explore religion even if you don’t join a church.
  7. Make a spa appointment for a facial or massage.
  8. See a live play.
  9. Bake your own bread.
  10. Start a gratitude journal.
  11. Try a sport you’ve never tried before.
  12. Ride a motorcycle
  13. Go camping
  14. Stay in an expensive hotel.
  15. Go see a big Christmas tree in a big city.
  16. Sit on Santa’s lap.
  17. Paint a painting.
  18. Take a ceramics class.
  19. Swim in a warm ocean.
  20. Go to a drive-in movie.
  21. Set off fireworks for the 4th of July.
  22. Build something big with with legos.
  23. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  24. Make homemade chicken noodle soup.
  25. Go to the movies alone.
  26.  Take a long train ride.
  27. Go to a professional sports game.
  28. Perform a random act of kindness.
  29. Give a huge tip to a server when you go out to eat.
  30. Break a bad habit.
  31. Go on a blind date.
  32. Play the lottery.
  33. Go “clubbing” in a big city.
  34. Grow something green.
  35. Eat an entire container of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in one sitting.
  36. Bake a cake.
  37. Make a bucket list.
  38. Watch the movie “This is 40”.
  39. Go skinny-dipping.
  40. Take a spontaneous trip.

Have you made a list like this?  If not, I highly recommend doing it.  Start with the things you have done then make it into a bucket list of things to do before your next milestone birthday.

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Weekly Theme: All About Me!

weekly theme: all about me

If you can’t tell from this posts’ image, this weekly theme is All About Me. Why?  Because, this week is my birthday!  Those are some tasty looking cupcakes, right?  Thanks to for the delicious free image!

I turn 40 on Thursday the fifteenth… just three days away!

Wow. Let’s think about that.

I’m going to be four decades old!

That’s 14,600 days old if you’re counting.

Scary I know!

As much as I don’t want to spend too much time tooting my own horn, the 40th birthday for a woman (and men) is one of the first milestones since turning 21.  As a mom of two little ones and the holidays nearing, my birthday tends to get lost in the shuffle of shopping and end of the year performances.

Forgive me, but I’m going to drag this out for my birthday week, and give those forty years the respect they deserve.  I hope this week I can share some great information  to anyone who is about to turn forty or has a few years to go and for those who have already hit this milestone I hope to connect with you as we pass into what I consider my second half of my life.

Enjoy this week…rest up before the Holidays, and happy birthday to me!

Weekly Theme: The Reason For The Season



Around Easter I wrote a post about the way people celebrate their Easter Holidays called 3 Things Your Easter Weekend Traditions Say About You.  Now, as we approach Christmas, I think that there are a lot of similar things that could be said about this time of year.

Clearly Santa Claus is NOT the true reason for the season, but when did Santa overtake Jesus as the reason for the season? has a great “history of Christmas” post so I won’t fully explain it more, but basically in the US St. Nicholas day and a feast of the birth of Jesus merged into one holiday and the details of what we really are celebrating got muddled by our excuse to give and get presents to the ones we love.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to get and give presents like the rest of the world, but I do want my kids to know that we aren’t celebrating Santa.  There is a reason for the season that is much bigger than Black Friday and Christmas mornings.

How do I make them more mindful of the season?  Good question.  I’m still trying to figure this one out.  Hubby mentioned to me the other day about starting to attend church.  He grew up on Youth Groups as did I and I think we are both struggling with the idea that these simple, yet important ideas of religion aren’t being passed onto our kids.  I’d never want to force my child to believe something, but how do you introduce religion to your kids without fully committing to a religion you may not want to be tied to yourself?

The struggle is real people.  The struggle is real.

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