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Spring Wardrobe Updates by the Numbers

I by no means am a fashionista.  I’ve gotten a few posts up on the blog though about fashion.  The best one for myself was Are you the Mom in jeans? My love affair with casual clothes.  In preparation for this post I rediscovered It Did What? 5 Secrets About Capsule Wardrobes.  As I just revisited some of these pieces while trying to update my graphics, I realized it’s been a while since I’ve talked fashion.

From what I saw on those pages, I think it’s time I update everyone with what’s going on in our closets!

The first day of school was a long time ago.

Have you read my fashion posts from the beginning of the school year?  I know a lot of mommy bloggers choose this topic to talk about since it is an important part of our lives.  My versions were as follows:

I’ve supplemented items to those original lists between then and now.  However with Spring coming, and what I feel is going to be a growth-spurt heavy season, it’s time to add a few spring wardrobe updates.

Here are 10 new items for Spring.  I’m adding to my #fridayfive list of posts: 5 new boy items and 5 new girl items perfect to get us through until summer.

Boogie’s 5 Spring Wardrobe Updates:

Our family aren’t church goers, so spring time doesn’t scream suits and ties like it does for some people who are preparing for Easter Sunday.  We aren’t barbarians though.  We do like to dress up.

With Easter family get togethers and Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s time to update Boogie’s polo shirt collection.  The beginning of the school year always seem to promote blue white and black shirts because most school uniforms have those colors as options but this time of year you can find some other great colors that your kids will really like.

The ones he has from the start of the school year are getting a little small and with any little boy there are stains that just won’t come out!  I picked up a handful of ones like the The Children’s Place Boys’ Short Sleeve Uniform Polo Shirt.

One thing is for sure.  You have to get a well made shirt for your little boys.  They tend to be more rough on their clothes at this age.

TIP:  There is a certain age where you’ll stop getting hand me downs from your older boy friends.  Boys just run through clothes more than girls, so plan ahead if you have a little one to spend a little more at this age on clothes.

As much as I know it’s about to get really hot here in the Central Valley of California, I know that we still need at least one good pair of jeans for Boogie to wear at night.  On those camping and boating trips when we are coming home at night or hanging around the campfire he’ll be Mr. Cool in the The Children’s Place Little Boys’ Bootcut Jeans, Dust Bowl I bought him.

The knees of his older pairs of jeans are holy.  I guess I could patch them but really when jeans are as easily available as they are now it’s easier just to use the older ones as play clothes and new ones for dress up days.

Remember having those patches on your knees in the 80s when your mom would patch them?  I swear I have a few pictures of pairs like that from when I was a kid.

One thing I’ve learned over the years: You can never have too many pairs of shorts for little boys.

Boogie will soon be outside for hours in a day.  My priority is to make sure he’s comfortable in the California heat.  I love a good Cargo short like the Crazy 8 Big Boys’ Cargo Short, Moonstruck for him since it’s got pockets for all his toys!  Lately we’ve been traveling with a Tech Deck Fingerboard (Skateboard) and a Honda CRF450R 2008 1:12 scale diecast motorcycle.  Both can fit either partially or all the way in the pockets of cargo shorts and I’m sure will travel with us throughout the spring and summer.

As much as I hate to do it, I had to buy swim gear a week or so ago.

I know logically it’s totally out of season since Hubby got stuck in a snow storm going to work this week. I have to follow what’s in the store since it seems that buying things like rain gear happens in August 2016 when you’re preparing for February 2017 storms.

I’m afraid if I didn’t get them now I wouldn’t find them again at summer time. It happened last year and I had to order stuff and pay more. This pair of

Sun protection is vital now that my father has been diagnosed with cancer.  His illness started out as skin cancer which makes it even more important to cover up in the sun! I like the basic style of the Little Boys’ and Girls’ Solid Rashguard Swimming Tee Shirt Rash Guard SPF Sun Protection for Summer Beach Pool and Play, Bright Lt. Blue, 6, L/S.

It’ll go with whatever trunks Boogie happens to put on that day!

Bootsie’s 5 Spring Wardrobe Updates:

Adult or child, sandals are a must have for Spring.

Bootsie is a girly-girl and these Sperry Anchor Away Sandals are perfect for her spring wardrobe.

Knowing that she probably will have a growth spurt here in the next few months, having these open toe sandals for her to wear will help me NOT have to add another pair of shoes between now and June.

Every little girl needs a spring dress and I love the bright colored dresses that are all over the place. This Sunny Fashion Girls Dress Lace Bodice Multicolor Wave Rainbow Striped Size 7-14 is a great addition of color to an older girl’s wardrobe. Not only is this sleeveless style an easy one to wear, they are easy to wash.  After a full day of play outside there is bound to be some kind of dirt on it.


As I mentioned on Boogie’s list of items, it is prime time to buy swim gear!

One piece or two?  That is the question.  With a first grader in the house this has been a battle.  Swim lessons are on the list of things to do this summer and I think that definitely a one piece is needed for that.  Luckily Amazon has great options like this Kanu Surf Big Girls Kelly One Piece Swimsuit, Purple, 12.

After swim lesson season I’m sure that we will go boating and a two piece is ok then.  I think Bootsie’s ones from last year still fit, but I will have to double check.

Sun protection. It’s important to have your kids cover up when you’re out in the sun.  I’m sure the color of this Kanu Surf Big Girls’ Keri Long Sleeve Rashguards, Blue, Large (12) isn’t going to be on the top of the list for Bootsie.  Color aside, she’ll thank me later when she isn’t spending time dealing with a bad case of sun burn, right?

Have you updated your kids wardrobes lately?  I suggest going through what you have.  Every so often it’s good to see if you need to add new pieces.  Sometimes the excuse to switch from winter to spring items is good motivation.

Getting beyond the crochet stereotype

Crochet Vs. Knitting

Note to the public: there is nothing worse than asking someone who is crocheting how their knitting is going.  It’s ok.  You didn’t know.  It really is like asking if someone is having fun skiing when they are snowboarding.  Same type of activity, both done with the same materials, but it’s completely different.

It’s really pretty simple to tell the difference, but if you need some help with the definition, here is one from

Crochet is a process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials using a crochet hook. The name is derived from the French term “crochet”, meaning small hook. These are made of materials such as metal, wood, or plastic and are manufactured commercially and produced in artisan workshops. The salient difference between crochet and knitting, beyond the implements used for their production, is that each stitch in crochet is completed before proceeding with the next one, while knitting keeps a large number of stitches open at a time. (Variant forms such as Tunisian crochet and broomstick lace keep multiple crochet stitches open at a time.)

Crocheting isn’t just for old ladies!

crochetThe biggest thing that has hindered the explosive growth of crocheting in the past is the stereotype that goes along with it.

What image comes to mind when you think of crocheting?  Is it like the picture shown here of the grandma in a rocking chair crafting her evening away with a cup of tea?  If you thought that, don’t worry, most people do.

Let me tell you, there are probably a lot of grandma’s out there who crochet, but lately it seems like the crochet world has opened itself up to a younger crowd.

There are now online communities that share more than just patterns.  These groups are known for dumping copious amounts of crocheted items into the reserve banks of charities all over the country and all over the world.  And they aren’t just old doilies like your grandmother would make.

The most popular yarn companies out there have gotten beyond the crochet stereotype and have made items available to purchase that aren’t in your grandmother’s stash.

Can you imagine a grandma crocheting in neon yellow or pink yarn?  What about tropical greens and blues?  It seems like there is a yarn out there in every color of the rainbow which is amazing for crafters to tackle.  You can make something for everyone if you can just find the right yarn!

crochetAnd the designs that are coming out are fun bright projects that are making a splash with moms and kids everywhere!  Yes, baby blankets and afghans never seem to go out of style.  The latest craze is a mermaid blanket or rocket blanket.  These sleeping bag style blankets look like the tail of a mermaid  or a rocket ship blasting off when you put your legs inside!

The best thing about keeping this craft alive is that people really appreciate getting a homemade item.  In this day and age of disposable things, having someone make you an item is something special.  Most crochet items I’ve run across are actually useful things that you’re not just shoving in a corner.

Some of the best crocheters I know are guys!

Mikey and Diva Dan. #thecrochetcrowd

A post shared by Michael Sellick (@thecrochetcrowd) on

Have you ever heard of The Crochet Crowd?  It’s the brainchild of a guy crocheter named Michael and started about 6 and a half years ago.

One of the side effects of being pregnant is “nesting”.  Around the time I was pregnant with Bootsie I suddenly had the urge to learn to crochet.  I had always wanted to learn how, but never had gotten around to asking my grandmother to help me learn.  Feeling like I didn’t want to bug anyone with stupid questions about it, I went in search of videos on youtube.

After a few searches, I found Mikey in front of the camera explaining every stitch in the crochet dictionary.  He was great personality on camera and showed step by step how to do an entire project too which helped encourage me to continue learning.  Back then it was a crazy concept to teach a whole item’s worth of stitches.  Now the popular yarn companies seem to look to Michael and The Crochet Crowd to help teach everyone to stitch new items which encourages them to buy more yarn!

The group has gotten so big now that they have Crochet Cruises that people go on!  Maybe it sounds silly, but these cruises are a great way to combine a vacation with your favorite passtime.  I’ve never attended one myself.  The Facebook posts I’ve seen have showed people from different parts of the world coming together to meet other people who have the same interests!  It goes so much farther than just picking up a hook and yarn.

Are you someone who had a stereotype about crocheters?  Get over it and pick up a hook.  I can guarantee hours of fun once you learn a few stitches.

Listed at

Just read it:  So. Many. Camps. From sports to science, what happened to summer?

As the summer comes to an end, I caught myself reading the article: So. Many. Camps. From sports to science, what happened to summer?  As a former sleep away summer camp counselor, I know what it is to try to get kids involved for the whole summer and what it looks like when things go overboard.


summer campOn the east coast it’s common for kids to go off to sleep away camp for either part of the summer or the whole summer.  In places like New York City and Boston, kids who’s parents can afford it are sent to places like Maine and New Hampshire or even up state New York to get away from it all and get in touch with nature.

In extreme cases these kids are already at boarding schools which means they are at sleep away school, come home for a week or sometimes even a few days, then go off to camp for 4 and sometimes 8 weeks, (many camps have 2 week options, but most kids seemed to be there for longer) then back home for a few days before returning to boarding school for the next 8 months.

It’s a very old school British way of raising your kids, and as much as I want to say it’s hurtful to these kids, about 90% of the kids I had in my cabin or in my care at the camp are extremely successful and well adjusted considering their detachment from mom and dad during those years.


Many two income families have to deal with daycare issues in the summer and it’s not crazy for kids in our area to go to either day soccer camp or spend a week at a sleep away camp, but it’s not the kind of thing where the kid does this every summer.  It’s more of a “scrimp and save to afford it” kind of thing.

SwimmingStay at home parents are scrambling as far as trying to entertain their kids, scheduling play dates and trips to the library or the zoo to keep their kids from trashing the house.  In our family many times we have to deal with extreme heat so finding indoor activities is a must!

Two summers ago we did a lot of things, but centered our activities around swim lessons.  It’s a right of passage that I couldn’t pass up, especially for the price that we paid.  Two sessions and Bootsie really got the hang of being in the water.

Last summer we got a family gym membership and spent the entire summer going between the playroom daycare center (2 hours of kid free time for mommy) and the pool.  I do have to say that I thought that the kids would get bored with this, but for 8 weeks we spent at least 4 days a week in the water and it turns out Bootsie (now 6) can swim like a fish due to the exposure to the pool.

This summer we’ve planned a lot of activities, but  lot of plans seems to fall by the wayside.  Our one constant was karate classes sometimes 3 times a week and sometimes less.  It was only a half hour at a time, but it limited where we could go in any given day due to class times.

We also had plans to get together with a long list of people, but we were more spontaneous than I thought we’d be.  Our big event of the summer was to go to the Lake.  Five whole days of camping and boating with daddy.


skateboard summerI remember not having huge amounts of things to do in the summer.  In this day and age it seems like most parents feel like their kids are missing out if they don’t do some physical activity or some academic thing over the summer.  Leaving kids to their own accord usually means that the kids end up in front of the tv or tablets.

Nothing in this article was new information since my 6 year old and my 3.5 year old have been in school for three years already and I’ve already tried to schedule at least some activities through the summer.  This summer has been a whirlwind of activity and with only days to go until it’s over I’m already thinking of things to do next summer!

Murphy’s Law: Potty Training

Don’t Play The Comparison Game

As much as people want to tell you that there is a science to potty training, really, as a friend said the other day, you don’t see many people who ever made it to adulthood without eventually being potty trained.

Murphy's Law Potty Training When potty training Your little one will only want to go on the potty at the most inconvenient times.

Your potty training journey will include:

  • Wanting to go when you’re in a hurry.  Ever tried to do a 5 minute run into the store for some forgotten milk and you have to stop for a pee break?  Yeah, that’s Murphy’s Law!
  • Wanting to go when you’re stuck in traffic. It’s inevitable that when you’re stuck in between exits that you’ll have an emergency moment.
  • Wanting to go 30 minutes after you just made a pit stop for the whole family.  While you’re there in the bathroom, staring at the commode, your little one will swear up and down that they don’t have to go.  As soon as you’re back in the car down the road, they’ll have to go.

Murphy’s Law definition: A rule that states, “If something can go wrong, it will.” An addition to this law reads, “and usually at the worst time.” The identity of “Murphy” is unknown, but the saying was first used during the 1940s and may have originated with members of the armed forces in World War II.  Murphy’s Law | Define Murphy’s Law at

Just Read it: #traveltuesday – 40 Must-See Places To Take Your Kids Before They’re Grown

My count of states to visit to make to all 50 of the United States is only 5 away from being complete. 90% of those states were visited before I was 18. Here is a link to a great list of places to take your kids.

40 must-see places to take your kids before they’re grown –

Traveling is a great hands on education for anyone.

Have you been to any of these places?

Three proven methods to declutter your kids bedroom

Three proven methods to declutter your kids bedroomLess is more.

After watching the show Tiny Houses: House Hunters I’ve realized one thing: We all are drowning in stuff.  I’m not quite ready to be on the show Hoarders, but I definitely have a lot of stuff that just sits idle while I play with my other stuff.

Immediately my brain shoots to the extreme solution.  I want to throw everything out and start fresh.  In this situation I am actually envious of people who have had their houses burn down.  I know.  Crazy, right, but really there is so much junk in my house right now that an empty house sometimes seems like the only logical solution.  It seems like the easiest way to do things, but clearly is not the most financially smart choice.

Instead, the first step in getting rid of all the things in our houses that are making messes is the clutter.  Somehow this process is easier to do this with someone else’s things, so I’d start with your kids rooms first when trying to get rid of things.

Here are three proven methods to declutter your kids’ bedroom.

1.  Do this project when your kids aren’t home!

This really doesn’t have to do with the process of trying to declutter your kids’ bedroom, but it’s great advice for any cleaning project that involves an area where your kids spend a lot of time.  With them roaming around, not only will they distract you by needing your attention, but they love to get things out of the donate or trash piles.

2.  Organize it.

The easiest way to declutter your kids’ bedroom is doing it in an organized manner.  A lot of the tv shows I’ve seen say to make three piles:


3 of each item is about enough when it comes to toys or keepsakes.  I did this with my own soccer trophies when I moved out of my parents house.  I have 1 from when I first started, 1 from a tournament that I played in with a separate team than I was normally on, and one of my last ones before I gave up the sport.


Half your troubles are because there are broken toys lurking in your kids room.  I don’t know how many times I pick up something of Boogie’s and find that it’s broken in half and yet it’s lurking at the bottom of the toy box.


Kids go through a lot of stages, not only by growing out of clothes, but also growing out of toys.  Many things your kids will simply lose interest but not break or wear out, giving them away is better than trashing them.  Don’t just think of Good Will or the Salvation Army.  Check with people you know who have kids.  Their kid may just have heard of Cars of Jake & The Neverland Pirates and would love to have your used toys.  You probably could do a yard sale too, but I find that most things you don’t really get a lot of money for and the time and energy to yard sale could be spent doing other things.

3.  Get rid of the paper!

I don’t know about you, but every time I go to declutter my kids’ bedroom, I find tons of paper!  I think the last time we cleared out Bootsie’s room we got at least two trash bags of coloring pages or art projects that were hiding under her bed of all places.

Keys to saving the important stuff:

  • If it’s in good condition and you have a place for it, save a few to frame if you have a family art wall or to put into a small “art box” in case you still are having trouble throwing it away.
  • If you are committed enough and want to purge the clutter take pictures!  You can make a great portfolio by using or another photo printing service.  You could make a year’s worth of art projects book every school year and the only clutter you’d keep is the pictures on your computer!

Remember: It’s A Process.

To declutter your kids’ bedroom once is kind of a joke.  This is a process that I’m finding happens about once a month.  Ir probably could happen even more often than that.  A few weeks in between decluttering sessions lets your kids outgrow and break and trash more things for you to get rid of!

How do you clean or declutter your kids’ bedroom?

The Evolution of Kids Activities

The Evolution of Kids ActivitiesDon’t let the title of this blog post fool you.  Most people are wrong to assume that electronics are to blame for kids not playing outside anymore.  While yes, it had become a multi-million dollar industry,starting with products for kids younger and younger each year.  It’s not always the case as to why children aren’t playing outside.

Commute times are longer.

Due to extreme economic conditions in our part of California, In most the families that I know, the average commute distance to work is over 60 miles or 120 miles round-trip (the most extreme case I’ve seen is a 220 mile commute to work round trip).

How does commute effect our children?

Traffic that can put a parent leaving work at 5pm and not getting home until almost 6:30pm or 7:00pm nightly has this made child-care a must have, but it also leaves a parent at the mercy of organized activities.  If they are going to have the kids “play” then they need a coach or instructor to be in charge.

Competition in general is higher now than ever before.

With college entrance requirements, higher debt ratios for parents, and the dream of playing in professional sports as an adult in parents minds, organized sports have taken off like wildfire.  There are parents putting their children into organized activities at a much younger age then ever before and with practice or class schedules and game schedules, sometimes a kid is lucky if they do get “free play” time in a given week.

I remember my own parents being so happy when our soccer and basketball careers were over.  We spent almost 8 years of our lives not having free weekends or free fall holidays open due to competition schedules and practices for our high school and city league sports programs.  A mother-friend of mine says that there is about a 10 week period during baseball season where their family lives eats and breathes baseball due to her three sons each playing on a team.

Stranger danger.

Society in general is more connected globally but less connected locally.  Personally, as an Army Brat I felt like we were sheltered from the real world.  The bases we lived on for the most part had limited access to them.  Most of the people who were around us seemed to have a moral and ethical code that was similar to our own.  I’m not saying it was the most safe world in the place, but the thought was that when your kid went outside they’d come back in a few hours no problem.

A perfect example of how this is different now is the idea that my parents lived in a town for 15 years after dad retired and when they moved it seemed like only 2 families came to say goodbye and even after all that time I don’t think my parents knew some of their neighbors names.  The trust level isn’t present anymore in neighborhoods where everyone is a stranger to eachother.

We can never get away from the dreaded electronics debate.

Most homes these days have more than one electronic device that children are using.  Whether it’s a home computer, smart phone or game console, screen time does have an effect.  They are definitely play a role in why children are spending less time outside.  As much as these items are great advances in technology, sometimes you have to wonder why kids can’t just entertain themselves with a good game of tag.  And it’s not just the kids, but parents too are more “addicted” to electronics leaving their kids without someone to be outside playing with them.

I have to admit, electronics are an easy way to wrangle your kids on a tough day.  Whether it’s the heat of the summer, or a chore around the house that needs to get done, shoving the kids in front of a movie sometimes is a must.  It’s sad, but really sometimes it’s the only thing that works.

What next?

Balance is what we have to concentrate on in the future.  Mixing up the organized activities, free play, and electronic play is key.  It’s great that a kid may watch a movie or play on a baseball or soccer team.  However, they still need to have time to be a kid and play.

Parenting Science says:

Playful behavior appears to have positive effects on the brain and on a child’s ability to learn. In fact, play may function as an important, if not crucial, mode for learning. – read more…

How are your kids spending their summers?  I’d love to hear some suggestions.  How do you keep your play time and academic time and structured activities balanced?

This summer we will do swimming lessons.  There will be family boating trips.  And I’ll squeeze in a bit of academic work.  My main goal is at least once a week to have time at the park to get the wiggles out.  It’s important to let them explore life without anyone telling them how to play.

Is Brushing Your Kid’s Hair Making You Crazy?

Brushing my daughter’s hair is driving me crazy these days? Is Brushing Your Kid’s Hair Making You Crazy?

I’ve tried switching from kid shampoo and conditioner to adult versions.  My thinking is the stronger formulas will work out the tangles, but it hasn’t helped as I thought it would.  Sitting down and trying to get through her hair in one sitting is so dramatic and stressful it leaves both of us in tears!

Its been the bane of my existence lately!

I had to result to extreme measures.

I had to break down and give in to TV advertising!

I’m so glad that I did!

When the routine of brushing my daughter’s hair in the morning got to be too much instead of screaming at my daughter for the millionth time, I asked he what we could do to make the process easier.  We had already tried detangling spray, and conditioners, so when Bootsie saw Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brush, Metallic Purple on an infomercial on TV I thought, if I can get it for a good price, I might as well try this As Seen On TV phenomenon.  Actually I think I told my daughter if this didn’t work we were cutting her shoulder length THICK hair to her chin.

I’m not sure what exactly about these brushes makes them so detangle-y.  It’s like magic when I take a tiny snarl in my daughter’s hair.  Brush over it maybe five times and come up with silky straight hair.  Magic without her throwing a knock down drag out fit about it.

Also…she likes to use it herself! I don’t always have to be the one to fight her about getting her hair to not look like a crazy person’s hair.  I’m sorry if that’s offensive to anyone.   I don’t want to take it lightly.  She looks like a psych patient out of One Flew Over The Coo-Coo’s Nest if she doesn’t brush her hair in the morning.

What are your thoughts on the Wet Brush, or any As Seen On TV products?

3 Irresistible Benefits Of Owning A Kindle Fire

Never in my life did I ever intended to be the parent that sticks electronics in front of my kids faces.  I had good intentions and stuck to them for a few years, but recently  I caved.  I know I could have held out for a little bit longer, but there were benefits of owning a Kindle Fire I just couldn’t resist.

3 Irresistible Benefits Of Owning A Kindle Fire

So here goes, my list of 3 Irresistible Benefits Of Owning A Kindle Fire:


The fact is that sometimes kids need a little bit of a distraction, not only for their own benefit but also for my husband and I.  These are Wi-Fi capable machines so we immediately had to teach the kids about when they could have internet access and when they could only use items that were downloaded to their device.  For the most part it’s been an easy explanation, but your kids might not be so understanding.


It’s the biggest reason we went with the Kindle Fire.    At the time of me publishing this post, they were at about $50.00 each.  It was due to a promotion that Amazon is running right now, who can pass up a deal even in the hundred dollar range like that, right?

We already owned an Apple iPad, but it was purchased years ago and with one device and two kids, one of us parents was always sacrificing our iPhones to the kids when they wanted to watch something or play a game and the idea of buying 2 of any Apple product (as much as we love our Apple gear), is a little much for our budget.

So, the two Kindle Fires came in the mail, with the extra purchase of a blue case and a pink case to tell the two electronics apart and my kids got started.  Even with those extras it didn’t come near to the price of the Apple prices.

Educational Apps

Not only do these machines let my kids watch Netflix and Disney Jr., but they also have educational apps.  Who can pass up the availability of e-books that can be read to them.  Or even better? We are discovering now, my kids can use to learn to read.

The great thing about these is a restriction setting they’ve invented.  You can set up a tracker so that your child has to do so many hours of educational learning before they can watch entertainment based apps on the device.  I know some kids who spend hours on their devices.  My kids would too if we didn’t at least guide them a little as to what we want them to do with the technology in their hands.

I’m not expecting something that I bought for less than a hundred dollars to perform like it’s expensive.  However, for what I paid for it, it does what it claims to do.

Don’t throw caution to the wind…

The only caution I would give is that the charging cords break A LOT!  They are not kid friendly.  I don’t care if you purchase the Kid Kindle or not.  The chargers are for like MIT scientists not preschool and kindergartners.  I would suggest having a docking station somewhere in your home where the cords live.  Let the kids come to the chargers for more power.  I tend to make the kids charge their tablets during the day.  My back up is to steal them away in advance if we are taking them on a long trip.

The other thing I have noticed is that sometimes the SD card seems to not be readable by the Fire.  I can most times figure out how to get around that.  Not so easy for little kids with the patience of a gnat.  It’s been a hurdle we’ve all had to overcome.

Wrapped up in a neat little package…

So if you’re looking for:

  • a little bit of a distraction for your kids
  • a price that fits anyone’s budget
  • educational elements for any age level

Buy a Kindle Fire! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Listed at:

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What to do when the band-aid fairy visits you

Tinkerbell and the Tooth-fairy have nothing on Bootsie (5) and Boogie(3) when it comes to making band-aids disappear. ( Band-Aid Star Wars Assorted Adhesive Bandages are Boogie’s favorite while Bootsie likes Disney’s Fairies Band-Aids.)  No matter how many boxes of those things I buy, they always seem to hang around JUST until I might actually need one.

What to do when the band-aid fairy visits you

Truthfully I can’t blame my kids for their misuse of these pieces of medical equipment in the wrong way.  I was the one who started it.  I used to use them like stickers for when they thought they had a boo-boo.  Most times there was nothing wrong with the kids, but the amazing healing powers of a little piece of plastic is amazing when you’re a toddler.

First things first.  How can you tell if the band-aid fairy has visited you?

For some it will be the sticky sensation that they get when they find a Disney princess staring back at them or the bright colored Mickey Mouse band-aid stuck to the side of the coffee table.  Somehow kids think that a table might fall apart without that slim piece of sticky stuff there. (Not sure who put that one there, and I’m sure I should be rushing to get it off, but really every time I think of doing it, I find something more productive to do with my time.)

I would issue a warning about carpet and band-aids.  They are a deadly conversation.  I didn’t know that a band-aid won’t stick on a dirt-covered leg, but has been chemically sealed to any fibers of your carpet within seconds.


So…the question stands…what to do when the band-aid fairy visits you?

  • Don’t panic.  If you’re looking for a band-aid for something that is bleeding you can probably stop it with a kleenex or napkin.
  • Don’t get mad.  Kids are kids, in this situation, and you can’t fault them for wanting to stick something sticky around the house.
  • Look for a sticker.  If a band-aid can be a sticker, can’t a sticker be a band-aid?
  • With a bloody nose I’ve heard sticking a tampon up the nostril works.  Not something I could do and leave the house, but in a pinch, you do what you gotta do, right?

When I tried to poll the local mommies about this subject most offered very practical alternatives.  I thought I might get some funny answers, but all I got was very helpful solutions to a big problem.

And then in the middle of thinking about needing band-aids…this happened!

Whether it be a real need or a sticker for a piece of artwork…what’s the most interesting way your little one has used a band-aid?

PS– I just bought a box of band-aids at Costco today.  I’m sure that will last me until tomorrow, that is if Bootsie and Boogie don’t find them before I get them in a good hiding place!

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