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Spring Wardrobe Updates by the Numbers

I by no means am a fashionista.  I’ve gotten a few posts up on the blog though about fashion.  The best one for myself was Are you the Mom in jeans? My love affair with casual clothes.  In preparation for this post I rediscovered It Did What? 5 Secrets About Capsule Wardrobes.  As I just revisited some of these pieces while trying to update my graphics, I realized it’s been a while since I’ve talked fashion.

From what I saw on those pages, I think it’s time I update everyone with what’s going on in our closets!

The first day of school was a long time ago.

Have you read my fashion posts from the beginning of the school year?  I know a lot of mommy bloggers choose this topic to talk about since it is an important part of our lives.  My versions were as follows:

I’ve supplemented items to those original lists between then and now.  However with Spring coming, and what I feel is going to be a growth-spurt heavy season, it’s time to add a few spring wardrobe updates.

Here are 10 new items for Spring.  I’m adding to my #fridayfive list of posts: 5 new boy items and 5 new girl items perfect to get us through until summer.

Boogie’s 5 Spring Wardrobe Updates:

Our family aren’t church goers, so spring time doesn’t scream suits and ties like it does for some people who are preparing for Easter Sunday.  We aren’t barbarians though.  We do like to dress up.

With Easter family get togethers and Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s time to update Boogie’s polo shirt collection.  The beginning of the school year always seem to promote blue white and black shirts because most school uniforms have those colors as options but this time of year you can find some other great colors that your kids will really like.

The ones he has from the start of the school year are getting a little small and with any little boy there are stains that just won’t come out!  I picked up a handful of ones like the The Children’s Place Boys’ Short Sleeve Uniform Polo Shirt.

One thing is for sure.  You have to get a well made shirt for your little boys.  They tend to be more rough on their clothes at this age.

TIP:  There is a certain age where you’ll stop getting hand me downs from your older boy friends.  Boys just run through clothes more than girls, so plan ahead if you have a little one to spend a little more at this age on clothes.

As much as I know it’s about to get really hot here in the Central Valley of California, I know that we still need at least one good pair of jeans for Boogie to wear at night.  On those camping and boating trips when we are coming home at night or hanging around the campfire he’ll be Mr. Cool in the The Children’s Place Little Boys’ Bootcut Jeans, Dust Bowl I bought him.

The knees of his older pairs of jeans are holy.  I guess I could patch them but really when jeans are as easily available as they are now it’s easier just to use the older ones as play clothes and new ones for dress up days.

Remember having those patches on your knees in the 80s when your mom would patch them?  I swear I have a few pictures of pairs like that from when I was a kid.

One thing I’ve learned over the years: You can never have too many pairs of shorts for little boys.

Boogie will soon be outside for hours in a day.  My priority is to make sure he’s comfortable in the California heat.  I love a good Cargo short like the Crazy 8 Big Boys’ Cargo Short, Moonstruck for him since it’s got pockets for all his toys!  Lately we’ve been traveling with a Tech Deck Fingerboard (Skateboard) and a Honda CRF450R 2008 1:12 scale diecast motorcycle.  Both can fit either partially or all the way in the pockets of cargo shorts and I’m sure will travel with us throughout the spring and summer.

As much as I hate to do it, I had to buy swim gear a week or so ago.

I know logically it’s totally out of season since Hubby got stuck in a snow storm going to work this week. I have to follow what’s in the store since it seems that buying things like rain gear happens in August 2016 when you’re preparing for February 2017 storms.

I’m afraid if I didn’t get them now I wouldn’t find them again at summer time. It happened last year and I had to order stuff and pay more. This pair of

Sun protection is vital now that my father has been diagnosed with cancer.  His illness started out as skin cancer which makes it even more important to cover up in the sun! I like the basic style of the Little Boys’ and Girls’ Solid Rashguard Swimming Tee Shirt Rash Guard SPF Sun Protection for Summer Beach Pool and Play, Bright Lt. Blue, 6, L/S.

It’ll go with whatever trunks Boogie happens to put on that day!

Bootsie’s 5 Spring Wardrobe Updates:

Adult or child, sandals are a must have for Spring.

Bootsie is a girly-girl and these Sperry Anchor Away Sandals are perfect for her spring wardrobe.

Knowing that she probably will have a growth spurt here in the next few months, having these open toe sandals for her to wear will help me NOT have to add another pair of shoes between now and June.

Every little girl needs a spring dress and I love the bright colored dresses that are all over the place. This Sunny Fashion Girls Dress Lace Bodice Multicolor Wave Rainbow Striped Size 7-14 is a great addition of color to an older girl’s wardrobe. Not only is this sleeveless style an easy one to wear, they are easy to wash.  After a full day of play outside there is bound to be some kind of dirt on it.


As I mentioned on Boogie’s list of items, it is prime time to buy swim gear!

One piece or two?  That is the question.  With a first grader in the house this has been a battle.  Swim lessons are on the list of things to do this summer and I think that definitely a one piece is needed for that.  Luckily Amazon has great options like this Kanu Surf Big Girls Kelly One Piece Swimsuit, Purple, 12.

After swim lesson season I’m sure that we will go boating and a two piece is ok then.  I think Bootsie’s ones from last year still fit, but I will have to double check.

Sun protection. It’s important to have your kids cover up when you’re out in the sun.  I’m sure the color of this Kanu Surf Big Girls’ Keri Long Sleeve Rashguards, Blue, Large (12) isn’t going to be on the top of the list for Bootsie.  Color aside, she’ll thank me later when she isn’t spending time dealing with a bad case of sun burn, right?

Have you updated your kids wardrobes lately?  I suggest going through what you have.  Every so often it’s good to see if you need to add new pieces.  Sometimes the excuse to switch from winter to spring items is good motivation.

#FanDayFriday: Mom Advice for the school year

mom-advice-for-the-school-yearTime for another #fandayfriday post!  We are on week 5 this week!  If you haven’t seen my posts before, this is a series where I’m collaborating with some other bloggers to share a few of my favorite things on Fridays. Each week I’ll tell you some favorites of mine and then share a link to another blogger who will share a favorite of theirs.

If you missed the other entries you can read them: SafetyDog Products You’ll LoveBack To School and Crafting Week, and Saving Money.

I know that I’ve been following a pattern with my #FanDayFriday posts so far but I have to get off topic today due to a fender bender car accident I had this morning.

The school parking lot is the new Thunderdome. Let me paint a picture of the ordeal that I am working with!

FullSizeRenderSee that opening at the top of the picture?  That one opening is the only opening for the staff and visitor parking lot and the school drop off and pick up line.

The actual school is in the bottom right hand side of the picture.

The parking spots on the most left row is visitor parking.  Handicap Parking is in the top right hand corner of the lot.

In theory you enter from the entrance, go to the left down passed the visitor spots all the way to the sidewalk, curve around and head towards the school then back out on the outside of the parking lot.  You’re supposed to pull into 1 of drop off spots before letting your kids out…think of a roller coaster coming to a stop, everyone gets in and it moves on…then the next set of cars come and everyone gets in!

My #FanDayFriday was posted this morning by one of the aids at school when the discussion of parking lot issues came up…

It’s a bit hard to read so I’m going to type it out, but I take no credit for the stuff written here.

parking lot suggestions10 easy ways to know you don’t belong in the school pick up or drop off line!

  1. You have to get out of the car.  If you need to park and open your door for any reason, go park.
  2. Your snowflake needs help with… seat belt, jacket, backpack, shoes, or your goodbye ritual includes multiple hugs, kisses, tears and a secret handshake? Go park.
  3. Your tiny prince must get out directly in front of the school doors. If you don’t pull up as far as you can , and totally disrupt the entire flow making the line run 100 times slower because princess cannot bear to walk 10 extra steps to the entrance.  Go. Park.
  4. My four kids can unload and load faster than your one. You aren’t doing it right!
  5. You have to sit in your car and watch until your little darling gets all the way in the doors. Seriously.  There are teachers and staff there for a reason.  If they can’t be trusted to make sure your child make it the 10 or 20 feet to the school safely, how will they survive recess?
  6. School projects in the trunk? Nope.  Go Park.
  7. Need to visit with the teacher helping with drop offs? Shoot the breeze with the other PTA Moms?  PAAAAARRRRKKKK!
  8. Do you impede the flow of the line? More than briefly?  More than once a week?
  9. Need to put your car in park? Read that sentence again, and then again, and if necessary, and then go park.
  10. You find yourself super angry and offended by this list? Ask a teacher for some directions to the parking lot!

My own personal advice?

Avoid the parking lot unless you need to be there!

Going to the office or escorting your kid to class?

Park far away from traffic and walk!


Remember when I said that I was going to share a link to another blogger?  Go Appreciate Life’s Everyday Moments  and check out  Amanda & Brian’s Lifestyle Blog at

Tell them that sent ya!


Prepared Pre-School Boy

prepared preschool boy capsule wardrobeLast year I was a little more stressed out about what Boogie would wear to pre-school  This year he is starting his 2nd year of his 3 year pre-school career and I’m feeling more comfortable about what he’s going to wear this year.  He’s a November baby so he started when he was 2.5 years old, but fashion wise he was hanging with the kids who were already 3 at the beginning of school last year.

Have you heard of capsule wardrobes?

A capsule wardrobe is a smaller list of clothes that you can mix and match and the idea is that you replace an item as they get warn out or grow out of the items, but you stick with the basic amount of items to keep your closet well organized and your budget low.

One site I visited when I was planning my own wardrobe said you should have:

  • 9 tops
  • 5 bottoms
  • 5 shoes

I think this list is a little crazy.  Knowing my own kids I’ve adjusted the list to fit their needs better.

PreSchool Capsule Wardrobe

  • 7 tops
    • 5 tshirts
    • 1 button up shirt/collared shirt
    • 1 long sleeve shirt
  • 5 bottoms
    • 3 shorts
    • 1 sweats
    • 1 jeans
  • 3 shoes
    • Crocs
    • running shoes
    • flipflips (some schools discourage flipflops but we use these for mostly outside school but buy at back to school time to get a good deal on them)

Some of Our 2016-2017 Purchases:

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